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HIDXenonHeadlights has done the research, tested numerous HID kits and we pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality HID kits on the market today. Our customer-first approach means we work hard to keep the price low and the craftsmanship high. Offering all HID kit @ $79.99 is something not everyone can do. Not only will you not find a cheaper complete HID kit anywhere, but the unsurpassed quality of each piece in the kit makes ours the obvious choice.

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HID Lights HID Kits Xenon Headlights Kit HID Headlight Kits HID Conversion Light. HID driving lights are the perfect upgrade for any style of car you might have. HID fog lights also provide more coverage of the road that you wouldn't normally get. A lot of people think that upgrading with a HID Headlight conversion is difficult and the addition of xenon lighting is difficult, but it's not! HID headlights are an easy upgrade and really change the look of your car. Our instructions make the upgrade one that is not only doable, but a necessity for all of those looking for the best in aftermarket Xenon lighting. HID Light kits are made to fit your specific vehicle so there is no custom work to be done beyond what is required for all installs. HID headlights and HID lighting in general are an amazing technology. Xenon HID Lights really pay off in the end by giving you ample road coverage, making yourself and your passengers safer. If you have ever questioned the HID headlight conversion because you thought the transfer to xenon lights would be painfully difficult; worry no more! We lay it for you plain as day so you can have HID lighting without the headache. If you're looking to upgrade your ride with the latest in lighting technology, let us give you a helping hand with our state of the art HID conversion kits. All our Xenon bulbs are built from high strength materials that are built to withstand daily driving; whether you decide to do so or not. All of our HID light kits are made with the customer, the installer and the driver in mind. HID head lights are one of the first thing you notice when you're approached by a vehicle that is equipped with a xenon light setup. Now you too can have the same impact on oncoming traffic and animals as you approach them with HID fog lights or a HID headlight conversion.

Upgrading to Xenon headlights will improve your nighttime driving visibility instantly and make you feel more confident behind the wheel. One of the best parts about making the HID kit upgrade is that though you will be using HID bulbs, you'll still retain your factory OEM headlight housing. The only change will be from your OEM halogen bulbs to the new HID xenon bulb upgrades. Perhaps the most surprising part is that HID kits are simply to install. Our kits have been test fitted on each vehicle so we include everything from the HID ballast to the Xenon bulbs in your HID headlight kit. It comes with everything. You will not find a more complete kit, a more reliable setup at a better price anywhere! You won't be satisfied with your nighttime road coverage until you experience the drive in xenon light. Xenon lights are very distinct in color and tone. HID headlight kits are one of the top aftermarket parts sellers and for good reason! Everyone wants to experience HID driving lights! Outfitting your ride with a custom set of HID driving lights will not only compliment your HID fog lights if you have them already, but xenon lighting gives your car, truck or SUV a modern look regardless of year, make or model. More cars are rolling off the assembly line equipped with HID head lights installed because the benefits are so apparent. Xenon HID lights will soon be the industry standard are considered by some to be already. If you got a body kit installed and want your exterior to really stand out when not everyone can see it, hence driving in the dark, check out the new look that HID head lights give your custom whip. HID headlight kits add aspects to your driving experience that other modification can't. Xenon HID lights make you a safer driver by making your whereabouts known to other drivers on the road. Can you imagine if every car had HID lighting? The highways would be much safer than they are now. Halogen bulbs are outdated, they need replaced frequently and they just look old after a few years of use. With HID Headlight kits you can expect much brighter light, much longer lasting light and a light your fellow driver's will notice sooner. The debate is over and HID lighting wins in all aspects. Stop waiting. Get your HID light kits here at a price everyone can afford! Order today and have HID headlights tomorrow! Xenon light is the same as the HID driving lights new vehicles come from the factory with.

HID Lights are quickly becoming the fastest growing trend in the aftermarket. If you’re looking for a simple way to add safety and style to your car, all in one modification, the HID conversion kit for your headlights is the best option for you. HID headlights are simple to install and with a little creativity, can fitted on any vehicle. On my vehicles, HID conversion kits are a simple are a hassle free install and only requires about 2 hours of your time. HID xenon lights are easily distinguishable from the imitations and colored lens. HID bulbs are not simply tinted or colored bulbs; genuine HID headlights kits utilize a technology that draws the illumination from charged gas, which is where the word xenon comes into play. HIDs are referred to as several different things; sometimes HID bulbs, HID headlight kit or xenon HID conversion kit. They all are referring to the same idea and setup. The HID headlight kit we offer comes with everything you need to upgrade your vehicle’s lighting system. You’ll wonder how you ever drove without them before once you get your HID kit installed. The difference is amazing and the coverage of the road is unreal when compared to standard halogen setups. Stop driving in the dark and get your HID headlights today! We have all makes and models ready, prepackaged and ready to ship! You will not find a better deal on HID headlights kits anywhere! Xenon HID headlights simply put, are better than anything else out right now and probably will be for some time to come. Ask anyone that has them; HID xenon ligths are the only way to go!

HID Lights | HID Kits | Xenon Headlights | HID Light Conversion Kit