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Porsche 928 HID Kits
Porsche 928 HID Kits
Porsche 928 HID Kit

If you are looking to improve on the great car that you already have, then you should check out these 928 HIDs. Not only will 928 Xenon lights give your car that great, upper class look, they are designed to give you the best vision in the dark. Choose from colors ranging from bright white to cool purple for your new 928 HID bulbs. When you want to give your eyes the best view of the road at night, be sure to install new Porsche 928 HID Xenon.

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Save today on your Porsche 928 xenon bulbs upgrade when you shop with us. Our Porsche 928 HIDs are the most complete Headlight conversion kits on the market. Modernize your car today with this Porsche 928 HID headlights and you'll notice the difference immediately!

Porsche 928 HID Lights - Porsche 928 HID Kit & Headlight Conversion Bulbs